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#About Us

Building Future Green & Clean..........Go Green Go Clean.....Go Solar Go Renewable

We work in renewable resorces from 10+ years

Sun based is the most reasonable fuel source on earth, and we are speeding up its sending by giving installers and engineers devices to make planning and selling sun oriented tasks quicker and simpler than any time in recent memory.

  • Ensure and upgrade climate for people in the future.
  • Biological systems are basic to keeping a solid planet.
  • Help secure the climate and support its common assets.
#Save Money, Save Environment!

Offering some benefit to our clients through ongoing product and innovation.

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  • solarpulseindia@gmail.com
  • +91-9772222318
  • Behind Central Bank of India, Kheme ka Kua,Pal Road (Raj.)

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Dakota Johnston

CEO & Founder

Taylah Tolmie

Turbine Engineer

Jasmine Parrott

Design Expert

Toby Sampson

Solar Engineer
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